Mini Cupcake Dozen with Photo or Logo $29

Add your photo or logo: Upload an image to create your own toppers.

  1. Select Photo or Logo

Make your minis even cuter by adding a photo or logo!

Personalize your order for the occasion by adding a heartwarming photo, a funny picture or your company or organization’s logo.

This set starts with twelve delicious mini cupcakes in our four most popular flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Red Velvet (three mini cupcakes of each flavor).

Then, we use food-grade edible ink to print your image onto twelve fondant toppers. Finally, we place the toppers perfectly on each cupcake and pack your order safely for delivery or pickup.

Your images are automatically saved to your Cako account for future use (an account is required to upload images). It only takes a minute to get started, so try adding your photo or logo today!

Available for same-day delivery or pickup, Tuesday-Saturday. Details available at checkout.