Delivery Information

Cako will always do everything possible to make sure that your order arrives on-time and in good condition. However, Cako cannot guarantee on-time arrival, due to weather, traffic and other extenuating circumstances. Cako partners with third-party couriers for delivery service, in the likely scenarios there may be a mix-up or miscommunication. If something goes wrong with your delivery, please contact us at, and Cako will try our best to make it right.

Thank you for being a Cako customer!

Same-Day Delivery

Cako’s same-day delivery service is the most convenient way to get cupcakes and other treats in San Francisco and nearby cities.

Send Cako as a tasty and memorable gift for a loved one or valued business partner. Or, use delivery as a hassle-free way to cater your next office party, birthday or other event.

Same-day delivery orders must be placed at least 90 minutes before the next delivery window.

Pre-schedule a Delivery

You may also schedule your delivery up to 60 days in advance, so you can give yourself one less thing to worry about.

You can order custom printed edible toppers with your standard or mini cupcakes.

Custom cupcakes are also available for same-day delivery. See same-day delivery information above.

Visit the Photo / Logo Cupcakes page to start customizing!

Delivery Zones

Cako currently delivers to:

At checkout, enter your delivery address with ZIP code and any special instructions. Cako will confirm that your address is in our delivery area and show you any fees and charges that apply.

Delivery Hours

Our delivery hours are Monday - Friday, 11am - 5pm

You can select any of the following 2-hour delivery windows:

Cako may not offer delivery on some major holidays, and may close delivery dates and/or windows based on availability. Details are available at checkout.

Important: Placing Delivery Orders

To ensure the successful delivery of your order, please double-check all delivery information before placing your order. This includes: * Recipient name * Complete and correct street address * Delivery date, delivery window, and any special instructions * Contact phone number, in case we need to call you or the recipient about any delivery issues. Cako will not call this phone number for any reason other than to complete your order.

In addition to providing correct delivery information, please ensure that you (or the specified recipient) will be available to receive the delivery during the selected 2-hour window. When sending gifts, we recommend that you confirm with the recipient that they will be available at the delivery address at the given time.

*Cako is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete delivery information, or for failed delivery attempts where the recipient is unavailable or unresponsive.

Fees & Charges

A minimum $15 delivery fee and a 10% service charge apply to all delivery orders.

The delivery fee may vary, depending on distance traveled and other factors. You will be able to review the specific amounts at checkout. Delivery fees and service charges are non-refundable.

Cako charges these fees to cover the cost of delivery operations, customer support and system maintenance involved in providing same-day delivery service to our customers.

Failed Attempts & Retries

Your delivery fee allows for one (1) delivery attempt per order. In the event of a failed delivery attempt, Cako will contact you as soon as we are informed by the courier.

If you choose to re-attempt delivery, you will be charged an additional delivery fee for each subsequent attempt. You may attempt delivery to the same address or a different address - in either case, the delivery fee will be charged. Service charge is not charged for additional delivery attempts.

You may also choose to pick up the order from our 139 Steuart Street location. In that case, we will hold your order at the store for 24 hours. After that, your order will be discarded, and you will have to place another order. Delivery fees and service charges are non-refundable for orders that are picked up after a failed delivery.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions or any special requests, please contact us at Thanks for visiting!