Add a Photo or Logo

Photo / Logo Cupcakes are a fun, new way to celebrate any occasion with friends, family and co-workers.

Cupcakes topped with your photo or company logo make an unforgettable gift for any occasion: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or as a personalized business gift for your valuable customers. Use them to create a unique and memorable dessert centerpiece for your next party, event or get-together. Or, print your company logo on Cako cupcakes to spice up your next work event.

How It Works

Just add standard-sized or mini cupcakes to your cart using our website or mobile app. We’ll ask you to upload an image, and you’ll be able to resize and position the image while previewing the final print.

Once you place your order, we’ll print you photos or logos on fondant toppers using 100% food-grade edible ink.

For your convenience, photo / logo cupcakes are also available for same-day delivery or pickup, just like our macarons and untopped cupcakes.

It only takes a minute to add custom printed toppers to your order. So try them today!

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps for iOS and Android are a convenient and fun way to order cupcakes and macarons, and add your photos and logos to them.

Install the app: